Joseph Sharp - Speaker

Make dreams a reality.

Joe Sharp is an expert in helping individuals turn their aspirations from dreams to reality. He is a published author, and has been a CEO or partner in 7 business ventures in the Internet marketing, advertising, real estate, dating service, nutritional products and coaching industries. Joe has practical hands-on experience in the business world, and draws on experience from life and business coaching to help individuals pinpoint their strengths and realize their dreams.

Speaking from Experience

Joe speaks from practical experience and undeniable passion. Joe began his first company, Sharp Innovations, Inc, in 1999 at age 20. His exceptional drive and focus has only increased over the past decade, and he wants to share his knowledge with your organization. He's honest about both his successes and failures. It's this honesty that makes his topics so relevant.

Joe also draws extensively from his personal life. His openness about how to make relational, spiritual and personal dreams come true make his lessons insightful and meaningful.

Speaking in Honesty

Joe doesn't speak about anything he doesn't practice himself. He backs his passion for helping people help others in his own life. Ten percent of the proceeds Running Down Your Dreams go to HOPE International, an organization dedicated to fueling the dreams of the poor around the world. HOPE International is a nonprofit that teaches individuals microfinance and provides them with basic business training.

You may benefit from Joe's Presentation If You Are:
  • Searching for your purpose in life
  • Searching for the strength and courage needed to overcome setbacks and make your dreams reality
  • Trying to figure out how to channel your passion into productivity
  • Trying to discover your unique abilities and spiritual gifts
  • Looking to transform your life into one of deeper meaning and purpose

Drawing on both business and life experiences to help you realize your potential businessly, spiritually and personally.

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